“Out Of Breath" is a conceptual‘Pop Art’ film detisned
to be both popular and artistic. The uniqueness of the script
is that it is based on two separate stories within two worlds
that are diametrically opposite, but run in parallel. It plays with
the dimensions of space, Yme, colors, music while remaining
in balance. The scenes, the dialogue, the characters intersect.

It is based on two simple storylines. A chase for a suitcase
and a tragic love story. In one world, all the characters are
in Black and White, but the backgrounds remain in color.
A hustler has his suitcase stolen, and he must retrieve
it at all costs. During his quest, he meets an bourgeoise
dancer and falls head over heels for her.

In the second storyline, the bourgeoise plays a street hooker
who steals a suitcase. She is chased throughout the film,
and falls in love with a poliYcian. In this world, the characters
are in color and the backgrounds are in Black and White. What
makes this film unique is that all the actors which play in the first
storyline, play their opposite character in the second story.
This creates two alternate realities running concurrently.
At the end of the film, two people will die, and the other two
will meet and walk off with the suitcase, as the film turns
into full color.

© Out of breath 2011   Credits / Legal